comodo 4.1 and powered keylogger

was wondering if anyone can block this, or is it just me? im set to proactive, defense on safe mode, sandbox is on and it installs it with no warning or popups.

Can you express your question in another way.

You have a good setting! if you don’t get any pops up from defense+, firewall or from sandbox then you have programs that CIS knows

I suppose that safe level for defense+ is not enough.

Altough powered keylogger is very nasty and hard to detect (we are only talking of pure testing as such a thing is deliberately installed by the end user), it is said to be detected by defense+ as soon as 2008:

powered keylogger was new to my system since yesterday… i have programs the CIS knows? how could that be? it was the first time using it, i thought my explanation was clear. and this is a clean computer has pretty much nothing on it.

deliberately installed, i deliberately install lots of things and i get popups, far as i know this isint in trusted vendors, so why am i not getting anything besides the obvious safe mode. it is nasty, all the more reason to block it.

so what you are saying is im going to have to change my security settings for a keylogger that last update was in like 2007. commercial or not its not a known or trusted application by CIS. but ill do that, thanks for your time.