Comodo 3 with DC++ in active mode? Help needed!

My well working Comodo 2 got updated to version 3, and seemed to work with DC++ and uTorrent, so I changed nothing.

Now, after starting my two computers (both with Comodo 3) in LAN, in another computer I started DC++ (let’s call this computer comp1), and after that Comodo reported about incoming connections, but it was in another computer! (let’s call it comp2) I quickly answered cancel to all the reports, and they had “remember the answer” checked.

Even though I did this in comp2, I noticed in comp1 that that I couldn’t search or download in DC++ unless I switched to passive mode. It was like comp2 had reported through LAN to comp1 that I declined the incoming connections - that were obviously DC++ connections.

Shutting down computers and ADSL modem, and restarting then didn’t help, so I tried adding rules to Comodo in comp1 (the one with DC++). I went to Advanced/Network Security Policy and there tried adding them to DCPlusPlus.exe . After it didn’t help, I added them to Global rules. But it didn’t help either. Rules were the ones that worked with Comodo 2, with two different destination ports, one for TCP and one for UDP. I entered them exactly the way it worked in Comodo 2, and moved them to the top of lists.

I noticed that at least at this point Comodo was in Firewall Security Level Train with Safe Mode, so I tried to change it to Custom Policy Mode, but no help either.

Defense+ is in Train with Safe Mode

So what should I do to open the ports for incoming DC++ connections to get it work in active mode?


It’s early morning so bare with me… I think what you need to do is add your router and the ip address of your other computer as trusted.

Other than that my best suggestion is to reinstall using the latest version.


Hi, Eric!

How is it done? Should I use Firewall / Stealth Ports Wizard? And there “Define a new trusted network - stealth my ports to EVERYONE else”. If I do that, there is only two selections, trust an existing My Network Zone and Zone name, that has only one possibility, my network adapter.

If I do that, wouldn’t it block connections from everywhere outside, when I want to allow connections, that use certain ports from certain applications, like that DC++?

Or is it Firewall / My Network Zones? There I have under my ethernet controller only one address, like aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd / And that aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is the addres of the other computer (comp2) when the address of the comp1 where I have that DC++ application, is like aaa.bbb.ccc.dde - that is where I’m modifying these Comodo settings.

Should I really add there now aaa.bbb.ccc.dde (comp1, with DC++)? How about the address of my router (Zyxel ADSL box with hardware firewall, that is on)? I don’t even know what is meant by router address, unless it’s not default gateway address aaa.bbb.1.1 that can be seen with ipconfig/all command. Should I add this there too? In My Network Zones?

Then should I remove those new rules that I defined and mentioned above in my opening post? (those rules that got the things working in Comodo 2, one for TCP in and one for UDP in.)

I don’t know how can I see if DC++ is as a trusted application in the settings. Should I add it if it isn’t? Where can I see if it is already?

Edit: DC++ is in Advanced / Network Security Policy list - Treated as Custom. That is where I added those two (working in Comodo v.2) rules for TCP in and UDP in - and also to Global Rules list.

Anyone? I haven’t succeeded to solve this.

What entries appear in the firewall’s log just after DC++ cannot connect properly?
Try to create specific rules to allow blocked connections of DC++.