Comodo 3 & Symantec test

Just installed Comodo version 3.

Everything seems OK.

I ran the Symantec test in their site, it said all my ports are stealthed and it did show my real IP so it was really scanning my computer.

The thing I was wondering is:

I checked the logs / attack history from Comodo Firewall and it said 0

So… is it that:

  1. It didn’t scan my computer even íf it claimed to scan my IP

  2. It did, but Comodo does not log such scans?

  3. Something else?

Thanks in advance if someone can clear this up for me :slight_smile:

If you did the default install, I would think #2.
From the help file:
By default, Comodo Firewall Pro will block your computer’s ports to incoming connections. Although it sounds drastic, this is a perfectly normal setting as it prevents hackers, port scanners and intruders from getting into your computer.
I did something similar with Steve Gibson’s Shields Up: same result as you reported.


OK, thanks.

Infact, about 5 mins before I read your reply I did some tweaking and ran the test again several times. Now I have a long list of events logged (:TNG)

So I guess it’s working.