Comodo 3 slow in loading at Windows startup!

I run Windows Vista Home Basic x64 and have the x64 version of the Comodo Firewall, version 3. For some reason, it’s been taking longer to load. In fact, after my Wallpaper manager, then my AVG AntiVirus, it’s the last thing to load.
I’d say it’s taking about 15-20 right now to load. And thos are the only things that are listed under startup in MSCONFIG.

Is there something we can do about this to speed things up?

Comodo is suppose to be the last thing in you tray to load as it monitors all the loading programs for malicious activity. as far as the speed i can’t help there as i don’t run vista. But perhaps someone that dose can spread some light on that issue for you.

Make sure you do Virus and Malware Scans.

Does Disabling AVG solve your problem? AVG 8 has some critical bugs at the moment…


ive got the same problem with windows vista premium x32…i use nod32 antivirus v3 and the only programs that start on startup are nod32,comodo and drive manager status(its for my removable disk)…comodo is the last program that loads and it slows down my pc(at startup)…if i unistall it then my pc starts very fast…i dont know why thats happening coz in the official site of comodo firewall,comodo states that it uses only 64mb ram…so shouldnt be faster?i dont have defense+ enabled…plz help me coz i like comodo firewall very much :stuck_out_tongue:

Ram doesn’t make your pc start up faster. Comodo is always the last icon to load on both my pc’s and its normal.

ye but i think that it slows the startup up a bit more than normal… :S

On both my pc’s with NOD32 and Comodo its takes about 10 secs longer to load with Comodo then without. 10 secs or even 15 secs is not anything to complain about. ZA adds about 45 secs onto your welcome screen. Online Armor adds about 25 secs.

well…maybe ure right…10-15sec is nothing according to the protection that comodo provides u :wink: thanks a lot for your time and help

For slow start ups with CFP 3, You need to work out the following:
-Is your PC Virus/Malware Free?
-What other background programs/services do you have running on startup?

CFP v3 is powerful… So please check the 2 points above on your PC.