Comodo 3 nintendo wifi USB connector trouble

When Comodo updated to 3, Nintendo Wifi USB connector didnt no longer work with the settings that were in the tutorial created by Justin. I´ve been talking to Justin and we have tried to solve this new problem, but it hasnt reselved yet, so I´m asking help if somebody could assist us with this or if somebody has allready resolved this. I would really appreciate help with this :slight_smile:

Yeah, I also hope this is fixed, I need my Nintendo wifi and Comodo 3…NEED! (:NRD)

So, is it working for anyone or do I need to switch firewalls

I also need help with this. yesterday I purchased nintendo wifi USB connector and I had to uninstall Zone Alarm because it won’t work with it. So I found Comodo, but I am totally confused on how to set this up to work with it. The only way to go online is with out a firewall and that scares me.

see the thread at;msg176166#msg176166

I had trouble & by trial & error I managed to get v3 working right & posted my results here