Comodo 3 identifies wrong my ip...


After installing the Comodo 3 it identifies the wrong number of my ip which is fixed.

How do I get it correctly identify of my ip?


What IP address is it reporting and what IP address were you expecting?

Generally speaking, if you are behind a router, the router has your ISP assigned static IP address and your PC has an IP address dynamically allocated by the router.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It is normal apears two differents ip in a same pc ?
I have only pc, not lan and i use a broadband.

Thanks for helping me

What IP addresses did CFP report?

What IP address were you expecting it to report?

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I’m unsure to say my ip here. But it starts with 201 and in Comodo is 192.

I did the test Shields Up and PC Flank and the pc is stealth.

So I think it has no problem to continue using Comodo?


The address that starts with 192 is called a private IP address and is only used on private networks. The connection between your PC and your router is actually a network and is a private network. The address that starts with 201 is the static IP address assigned by your ISP and is used by the router.

Your router basically has two network cards in it. One faces inwards towards your PCs, the other faces outwards towards the internet.

In a nutshell, there are two networks here. The first is the 201 network that exists between your router and your ISP. The second is the 192 network that exists between your PC and the router.

Shields Up is actually testing your router as it is the first device to respond. The ShieldsUp queries never actually get to your PC.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I understand.
I have a broadband’s conection in a single computer.
The 192 ip that you refer is the connection of my cablemodem with my computer ?

Below link has a photo of my cablemodem:

Thanks you.