comodo 3 firewall

removed comodo 2.4 firewall installed version 3 rebooted and nothing system just hangs (using xp sp2). pressed f8 and ran last known good configuraton and xp loaded but firewall just displays error that network firewall not initialised ran diagnostics, still not working so back to using comodo 2.4 firewall any ideas. I’ve reinstalled alnd also in safe mode, disabled avast antivirus before installing. (:AGY)

CFP 3 works great with Avast so there has to be another reason.
Maybe v2 didn’t uninstall cleanly? In that case you might want to read;msg39350#msg39350

Before you go ahead and install another firewall or another anti virus you need to be sure that the old program is gone Completely. I always use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode and even after rebooting I still check for left over files. When you uninstalled Comodo 2.4 and reboot did the Windows Security Center show no firewall active?

No got same proble ran revo uninstall did not fix problem. I can install and run any firewall except comodo 3 which just hangs pc on xp loading screen. only by pressing f8 and selecting last known best setting will pc run comodo 3 will also run but displays netrwork not functioning. I have reinstalled comodo 3 several times also in safe mode still got problems i dont want to install zonealarm so i guess im stuck with comodo 2 untill some sort of fix is released. (:AGY)

Please do not try to install Comodo 3.0 till 2.4 is completely gone. Are you sure 2.4 is completely gone? Does the Security Center show no firewall active? In order for Revo to work properly you need to use it in advanced mode. When uninstalling Comodo and then you get a prompt to reboot, DONT and click next on Revo and delete all registry and program entries it finds. Click no on the Comodo reboot.