comodo 3 does not check application path like version 2.4 [RESOLVED]

I loved that comodo 2.4 always checked the application path and gave information on which programs were attempting to launch an application. even if you allowed an application to access the internet, there would always be an alert if another program tried to gain access to the internet using that application.(great for preventing leaks)

is there any way i can get comodo 3 to check application path? it would be great if i could make a global rule for it.

any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi ewkp, welcome to the forums.

If by “application path” you mean the Parent-Child Process relationship (ie. which process can execute another), then CFPs Defense+ has this. In fact, it is a lot stronger & more powerful in CFP 3 than it was in CFP 2.

To see, open CFP - Defense+ - Advanced - Computer Security Policy - select an entry with a Custom Policy (double click) - Access Rights: “Run as executable” is the Parent-Child Process lists (both Allow & Block) & all the other leak-type elements are there as well… memory access, hooks (DLL injections), drivers, messages, etc.

I hope that helps.

since my post, i have been investigating defense+. i now see how to use it to regulate access of the different processes.

thanks for the reply

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