Comodo 3 Discrepancies/Confusion


Comodo seems to only log the first established connection of a series of connections.

Although opera creates a series of consecutive connections on port 80, comodo only logs the first (of some 30) connections.

Although I was port scanned from TCP 1026 to TCP 1028, comodo only shows 1026 being blocked.

This is a concern, because while comodo may be doing what I want with the connections, I have no way of knowing.

How do I get comodo to show all consecutive connections?


Comodo only seems to block a select type of windows system connections.

While my monitors show a number of incoming connections sending up to 1Kb at times, comodo shows none of this.

How do I get comodo to show every incoming connection?


Comodo does not seem to have a list of open ports.

How do I get comodo to show me open ports regardless of whether they’ve traffic on them or not.


Comodo mentions that it blocks intruders for a given amount of time.

Where can I unblock what I’m guessing are IP addresses?