comodo 3 - defense+

I installed comodo internet security (3.5) without the option antivirus (I already have eset as antivirus).
When install finished, comodo asked to scan for malaware and defense+ is enabled with Clean PC mode.

What’s happening?
Is comodo antivirus installed?

Is defense+ antivirus software?

While the installation process was tsill underway or when you restarted the computer?


after rebooting

If you have disabled it, then it should not scan, unless after the “Installation” before reboot, it will ask to scan for malware,

Can you check that you have disabled The AV Component
By Opening CIS Main Window
Do you see The “AntiVirus” Tab?


I see 4 different sections:

  • summary
  • firewall
  • defense+
  • miscellaneous

Is that what you mean?

Yes, Thank You

To answer your questions

Is comodo antivirus installed?
No, It’s not

Is defense+ antivirus software?
No, It Does Not Have Antivirus Software Intergrated into it as far i’m aware.

If you reboot again does it ask to scan for malware?


No after rebooting it doesn’t scan for malware.

I disabled defense+
What does defense+ do?

D+ s not an AV. It is a HIPS program.

“The Defense+ component of Comodo Internet Security Pro (hereafter known simply as Defense+) is a host intrusion prevention system that constantly monitors the activities of all executable files on your PC. With Defense+ activated, the user is warned EVERY time an unknown application executable (.exe, .dll, .sys, .bat etc) attempts to run. The only executables that are allowed to run are the ones you give permission to.”

That scan was post installation scan to ensure your computer is clean before setting Defense+ in Clean PC mode. The installation scanner was there even in CFP 3.0.x.x versions. So there is nothing to worry about, CIS anti-virus is not installed