Comodo 3.9 vs 2.4 UPDATE (SOLVED)

UN-ROOOOAAARRRRR!! After spending nearly 5 days in and out of these Forums, I finally Un-vexed the Vexing problem of constant Windows Operating System blocked by firewall. I UNCHECKED “Enable alerts for Loopback Requests”. I then set alert level to “Low”. No more constant “hits” on the firewall. I think it is safe to Uncheck the Loopback alerts. If it is not, Please Notify Me Upon Reading This!!

I also switched from 3.9 to the last version of 3.0 Firewall. I have simple needs. A GREAT Firewall with 2 way protection, strong self-protection, and a menu I can assimilate easily. I actually have no need for the Defense + element due to the fact that I am beefing up my Freeware suite with new programs that already have HIPS.

I was upset initially because I thought I would have to get a diff firewall than Comodo due to the WOS hits I kept getting. Now that all that is solved, I can keep Comodo in my life which makes me extremely Happy.
This is truly a victory for me. YESSS!