Comodo 3.9.95478.509

Hey there,

Have a Comodo popup which informs the user that the virus database was outdated, so opened Comodo and set run a scan, as it is configured to be updated prior to scanning.

However at the 5% stage the update quit.
Manual update proved non effective either.

Virus signature version is 1538
Comodo 3.9.95478.509

No comodo firewall or other comodo features installed other than the internet protection elements in the initial install - configured using real time protection.

This is just a quick email to see if there is a known issue with this…

Welcome to the forum necro61 :slight_smile:

Please read here;msg360013#msg360013


3.9 is pretty old. The database format is completely different than what the current version uses, so it hasn’t been able to update for quite some time.

thanks guys.