Comodo 3.9 (64 bit) stops 32 bit programs from running

Comodo Version:3.9.95478.509 (64)

CPU: 64 bit

OS: Vista Home Premium (With SP 1)

Other Antivirus programs running: None

Account: Limited User Account. User Account Control is enabled.

Steps taken to solve problem: Uninstall Comodo Firewall

Steps to reproduce bug: Install the version of Comodo listed above on to the Vista version listed above

Symptoms: Stops all 32 bit programs, such as Avast-Antivirus and Firefox, from running
(No BSOD crashes or anything, the programs just won’t run)

I remember seeing this issue several months ago, but now I can’t find a single topic regarding it. Basically, not a single 32 bit program that I have can run when I install Comodo Firewall (just the firewall). Because of this bug, I’ve been without Comodo for several months now, but apparently it still hasn’t been fixed.
Are there going to be any fixes for this?

Is There Any Other Security Software’s You Have Installed Other Than CIS And Avira ? Because, There Is A Post Already Related To Same Issue And they have Resolved The Issue By Uninstalling Ad-Aware.

Thanks for the reply! I got AdAware a while ago, but I’ll check to see if the registry files are still there or something. :-TU

EDIT: Yeah, for some reason Vista didn’t get rid of any registry files. I got rid of them and now Comodo works! Thanks again for helping.