Comodo 3.8 has a problem with Secunia PSI.

Hi guys 'n gals,
I have used Comodo for years since way back to version 2.4 and never ever had any serious problem with it. I now have version 3.8.65951.477 and AVDB 1025. My OS is Windows XP Home Edition updated to SP3. As real time protection I have CIS 3.8, BoClean and SpywareBlaster. I also use SAS and MBAM as on demand malware scanners. Other security I use is AutoRuns and Hijack This. I also use Secunia PSI for keeping my PC up to date.
Yesterday evening I went to run a scan with Secunia PSI but could not get it to start. I would get the application on screen then I got a few pop-up bubbles from Comodo which I okayed but then Secunia disappeared from my screen. It looks as though Comodo will not let it do it’s thing. I then thought I maybe had inadvertantly blocked it myself so decided to uninstall it from Add/Remove programs then reboot my PC and purge Secunia from both Firewall and Defence+ and reinstall Secunia. I did this and got exactly the same results as before. I even made it a trusted application in both Firewall and Defence+ to no avail.
I haven’t used Secunia with version 477 as my last scan had been around two weeks or so ago with the previous version and it worked fine then.
I have all the Firewall and Defence+ rules set as per Kyles Guides Tutorials and I don’t have Secunia set as real time but use it on demand and exit the program after use. As it has to go on line at some point to update itself I wonder if V3.8. 477 is stopping this from happening. I would appreciate any help offered.

I doubt this is issue has anything to do with CIS.

I use the Secunia PSI on both an XP and Vista machine, both with 3.8…477 installed and have no issues what so ever.

My advice is to check your policies in CIS to make sure you haven’t accidently blocked the application.


Just try it with FW and D+ on disabled if it works then something in CIS config is blocking it…

It is not a problem with CIS. It is a problem with Secunia. I did a complete uninstall/ reinstall and downloaded a new version online. It wouldn’t install. It got about 80% along the installation bar and froze my PC. Couldn’t Exit at all and had to do a crash reboot. On reboot and a hunch I disconnected from internet, switched off CIS and Boclean and tried to install and again it froze my PC at the same spot and I had to do a crash reboot again. I deleted the download started up my PC and googled it and found that there are lots of people having the same problem with Secunia. An official announcement said they had a problem with their server which is supposed to be fixed now but many people still having problems and others are saying it is a problem with the latest Adobe Flash Player Active X update which I installed last weekend. I will do without Secunia for a while and see if there is a resolution to it. Might be an idea if any of you using Secunia test it out.

You can always compare it to Comodo Vulnerability Analyzer you can also find on the board here:

I had a PSI scan fail and the application closed about a week ago. I had it set as a trusted application, so nothing should have been blocked by CIS. I just restarted my computer and the scan ran fine and I haven’t seen the problem since then.

It’s funny though, because I’ve been running all the betas of PSI up to this final release and none of the beta releases did that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen it on other systems happening not having CIS/CFP installed.
I had it on my own system, needed to kill it a few times, only a reboot would resolve it in that case…
It’s not totally stable… but if it works it looks very good.

Also had the pleasure to play with the NSI :-)) really nice tools