Comodo 3.5.x with Firefox very slow


first I hope you will understand me because I am from Germany and my English could be better.

I do have installed the Version 3.5.x Comodo firewall + defense and Firefox 3.0.3. The Computer is in the printer room and I do need the settings that Firefox is clearing the private data after ending every time. Firefox needs about 15-30 seconds to end and you can do nothing with the computer.
I read that Comodo 2.4 Version did have a problem with this phenomenon and you must set some extra rules for DLL’s. After the new settings, FF was fast again. I cannot find this kind of settings in Comodo firewall 3.5.x. Can somebody help me? Does anybody have the same problem? Did you solve it?



I wonder what have those settings been since FF takes ages to terminate the process, CIS or Comodo or any other firewall doesn’t matter at all… also it happens under Linux.

Last time I asked the FF developers they didn’t care. So, to conclude - I pretty much doubt any CIS settings will fix anything there.

Did you make Firefox a trusted application in D+?