comodo 3.5 is became very annoyng

Upgrading from v3 to v3.5 now comodo personal firewall always pop up what to to even for no internet related matters (e.g. when I am installing an offline application)
I leave the default option
Firewall is setted in safe mode
Defence is setted in PC-clean mode

What should i do?

Well, to start with, everytime you install a new application (safe one!!) chose Treat as: Installer/Updater (something like that ;D ).

Secondly, are we talking about a brand new system? If not, I wouldn’t advice you to have Defense+ set to CleanPC Mode, unless you’re 100% sure your system is malware free. I would set it to Safe Mode.

For each application that you know to be safe, you may treat it as a Trusted Application. That way, Defense+ won’t bother you.

Just make sure you don’t allow each and every process that Defense+ alerts you for. First, try to know more about the process (under the process name there is a link and if you press it, you will see what application it belongs to.). One other good way is to always first find out if the process that Defense+ alerts you for is part of the operating system. At this site , you will find a good source for that. Then, if the process is not part of the operating system or any other application you have, you may temporarily block it until you know more.

I hope I wasn’t too confusing. :a0

thx for the answer, for example you know every application modify some keys in the registry I receive a pop up for each key modified, it’s very annoyng

then do not just click OK. instead, you should tick the option treat this application as… trusted application
same goes when you’re installing/updating. you should tick treat this app as installer/updater
you won’t get any further pop up :■■■■

Thank I will try!

But several seconds after choosing “installer mode” for a particular application, comodo ask me if I should come back to the previous mode, should I put Yes?

it depends. if you finish installing/updating, then you should/must put it back. :■■■■
from the help file: :slight_smile:
Installation Mode: Installer applications and updaters may need to execute other processes in order to run effectively. These are called ‘Child Processes’. In ‘Paranoid’, Train with Safe’ and ‘Clean PC modes’, Defense+ would raise an alert every time these child processes attempted to execute because they have no access rights. Whilst in one of these 3 modes, Comodo Internet Security Pro will make it easy to install new applications that you trust by offering you the opportunity to temporarily engage ‘Installation Mode’ - which will temporarily bestow these child processes with the same access rights as the parent process - so allowing the installation to proceed without the usual alerts.