comodo 3.5 build 439 vista64, D+ rules very slow in paranoid mode...

so when i launch some prog in D+ paranoid mode and add rules with remember my answer, the time i wait for the next popup is so long, and uses a lot of cpu,
if i do the same without remember my answer, alerts popup fast.
that’s a big prob i got cause it becomes extremly long to launch some prog in paranoid mode and add all rules it needs to run then i know all files needed to launch the app.
the time between 2 alerts popup makes D+ running like a goat, with “remember my answer”
if u dont remember the answer, there’s no prob.
i got a T9500 and each time i create a rule i want D+ to remember the cpu usage increases dramatically, max at 70%, it’s dam slow using D+ this way to get the all list the prog needed.
anyone got this prob with 64bit version when using D+ paranoid and register each activity to get all the dll needed to run a prog (at the end when i got the all list, i try to run the app only with the files D+ detected to have app running wihtout any installer).
i don’t remember it was that slow on older builds, but i was using 32bit, so is it a 64bit issue or D+ issue in build 439 ? i have to wait like 10 seconds between each alert to popup, without remember, the alerts appear fast.

same problem on Vista 32bit with D+ in safe mode (also in clean PC mode).

yes i noticed that too on my xp pro 32bit system, it takes too long to get each alert and it seems it has no link with paranoid mode or safe mode or clean pc mode and takes lot of cpu usage (core2duo 3ghz).
we’ll see in next release if it takes that long, or maybe there’s some issue with one of my other security prog…

See here:

The slowdown when saving rules is also known. It happens because Comodo writes all the rules to the registry.

So, the more rules you have, the longer each save takes. Let’s hope rule saving gets improved in the future.