Comodo 3.320 vs DWM.exe

Since the latest update, everytime DWM tries to modify cfp.exe (Example) the system freezes until the window asking for permission disappears.
DWM (Desktop Window Manager) is a fundamental part of Vista. I believe Comodo should allow this one by default or add it to a special group.

This fight between D+, DWM and CPF.exe is turning the performance of my system to the floor.
Is there anyway to fix this? (besides adding dwm to the trusted apps list).

OS: WinVista 32

I see you don’t have remember checked off. Have you tried ticking remember and selecting trusted from the pull down menu?

Believe me, it wasn’t possible. ;D
Once the window asking for permission appears, the system freezes again, and when it works, the window is gone.

I fix it by adding dwm.exe to the Windows System Applications (after a long wait, and a lot of patience). That’s why i mentioned before that CPF should add it by default to this group (or at least that is what i think).

And the other part is that this bug is new. It only start happening after updating to the latest version (previous versions didn’t freeze the system like this)

You can put Comodo D+ in training mode.