Comodo 3.14 or the new version

I have comodo firewall 3.14 installed and it is working ok so far and have had it for almost a year now with windows 7. I was wondering whether to keep this or switch to the latest version and whether the new version is stronger and more effective security wise and how user-friendly it is. Anyways should I switch or keep my current firewall? thanks

Comodo version that you will install finally is your decision. As a personal suggestion, with CIS Premium you have more advantages compared to version 3.14 such as Sandbox and many other improvements. I use CIS Premium on Win7 32 bit and I have so far no problem (my previous version was 3.x)
You can give at least a try! :slight_smile:

neon2- By all means try the latest iteration of CIS v4.1 on your Win 7 32 bit computer, but do make sure that you backup your v3.14 firewall settings and have a copy of CIS v3.14 to reinstall just in case v4.1 does not work well with all of your programs. At this point v4.1 works great for many Comodo users as for myself I am still trying each new update of CIS v4.1 until it is as compatible with all the programs that I run as v3.14 currently is including Opera 10, FS Capture and Sandboxie being able to sandbox Explorer.exe. on my Vista computer. Please let us know how CIS v4.1 works with the programs you have installed on your Win 7 computer.


All the best to the Comodo team.

I’ve been an ages long fan and advocate of Comodo ‘internet security’ in all its guises and for all my time with Comodo I never found better. Beautifully written user interface. Logical, informative, unbeatable. I use to periodically checked to see if Comodo would introduce a purchasable version which was better than the free version. I never found that to be the case (unusually). The purchasable version only ever seemed to offer unnecessary (for the individual) professional support 24/7 and I eventually assumed that Comodo was a non-profit cyber-society product. This company does represent the best in responsible cyber-society, yet I have had to bail out of version 4 of the product and revert to product version 3.8.65951.477 again as I received a lot of false positives and some unexplained system drain. And although it didn’t particularly bother me it ■■■■■■ my wife off a lot who said it had to go! So now we are happily back to Product Version 3.8.65951.477 minus the sandbox. However, I didn’t think the sandbox idea was an advancement. It’ll always be hats off for Comodo with me, but I sure would love the opportunity to use an older version of the product and get component updates for it. Well, I suppose one can’t have your cake and eat it, but if Comodo were to see their way to providing updates for Product Version 3.8.65951.477 into the future I would be heartily gladden. Best wishes,

If I had exact knowledge of CIS 4.1.149672.916, I had NOT removed 3.9.76924.507. Now well…

Notice that the last stable version of CIS v3 series is 3.14.130099.587. When using the av with 3.8 and 3.9 you will not get av signature updates anymore because of changes.

When you disable the sandbox you will have the old behaviour of CIS v3 style back. The defaults changed some; simply ask for help to get things working like they did when using v3.

As an owner not running Windows 7 I’ll be sticking with the old and now unfortunately obsolete and most quick and very reliable earlier version Product 3.8.65951.477 until I find something similar as version 3.14.130099.587 operates just like version 4. Something happened with the functionality of Comodo on non-windows 7 systems with Comodo Internet Security Version 3.9.95478.509 (also a version I am unable to utilize). But again, no complaints, Comodo has served me well for a lifetime and nothing lasts forever, just like a computer. Many thanks and best wishes.