Comodo 3.13 + Windows 7 Clean install - no alerts for outgoing connections

I just installed Windows 7 on a new hard disk in my laptop. I tried Windows 7 firewall until I read that it doesn’t alert when an outgoing connection attempt is made and so you have to make all the rules manually. So I decided to go back to my trust Comodo firewall and now I seem to be experiencing the same thing. Firefox hasn’t prompted me, Yahoo, Skype and Live messenger have all added themselves to the applications rules without my say so.

Is there something different about the way Comodo works under Windows 7? I was using XP Pro before this install.

Maybe your Firewall behavior is set to Safe Mode. This means, every action of whitelisted app are learnt by CIS without prompting you.

You can check this: Firewall → advanced → Firewall behavior settings. Move the slider to custom policy and change the tab than. There you should set the slider to high and enable all checkboxes except ICS(if you don’t use it)

I think that is called training mode. My firewall was always set to safe mode before and I received alert prompts.

In Training Mode every action of every app is learnt.

From the Help:

Safe Mode: While filtering network traffic, the firewall will automatically create rules that allow all traffic for the components of applications certified as ‘Safe’ by Comodo. For non-certified new applications, you will receive an alert whenever that application attempts to access the network. Should you choose, you can grant that application Internet access by choosing ‘Treat this application as a Trusted Application’ at the alert. This will deploy the predefined firewall policy ‘Trusted Application’ onto the application.

My issue is that previously under Windows XP I received alerts for Firefox, all my messenger clients and it seemed any application that I installed that didn’t come with Windows. Now as I stated many application are having rules added without my explicit permission via an alert panel.

So now my question is where can I find the list of “applications certified as ‘Safe’ by Comodo”? And, has this behaviour changes under Windows 7?

I just tried setting the firewall to custom policy mode and now I receive alert panels which say appxxx is a safe application signed by xxxcorp. You can safely allow this request.

I just put my old hard disk back in my laptop with XP and tried removing all the application rules from network security policy and I see that in XP too some apps get added automatically whilst others give alert prompts in safe mode.