Comodo 3.13 - trouble with MS Outlook 2007

Situation: 3 or 4 months ago I installed CIS. OS - MS Windows XP SP3 Professional (russian). All worked fine.
Some days ago COMODO began to ask me every time when I used Outlook 2007 (to get email via POP3, but it doesn’t matter I think). I made Outlook trusted application - nothing changed. If I check “Remember my answer” comodo creates similar rules, but continues to ask me again and again. Another strange thing - now comodo detects path of outlook.exe as “C:\PROGRA~1\Microsoft Office\Office12” instead of “C:\Program files\Microsoft Office\Office12”, but earlier it detected right path - “C:\Program files\Microsoft Office\Office12” (sure, I saw it when was creating rules after installation). It seems that this behavior presents since one of recent updates. And one even more strange thing - rules for all other applications work fine, I have trouble only with MS Outlook 2007.
Is this a comodo bug or I did something wrong?
Sorry for inconvenient english.


Hi, the path showed in the property sheet are shown by windows explorer, not by CIS.
Does this happen with any other applications on your machine?

No, it doesn’t.
As you can see at bottom screenshot, now CIS also detects DOS-style path to outlook.exe (compare first and second records for outlook, second - old, first - new).

After recent update all works fine again )

In relation to this subject, Comodo works fine with Outlook in Microsoft 2010 Beta.