Comodo 3.12 and Sysprot Antirootkit compatibility

I suspect that some setting in comodo 3.12 might be causing some problems with Sysprot Port scan. I had no such problems with the program when i was using comodo 3.9…509. Now Port scan is freezing, not responding which causes extreme Ram usage as can be seen in the picture below. When i close the program afterwards it doesnt unload its driver - SysprotDrv.sys. I have to open it again using another module, then close it so that the driver is unloaded. I have no blocking events in Defense and in Firewall, and no events in Windows Event Viewer. Ive tried Training mode, disable Defense and Firewall - to no effect. Ive tried deleting the old rules setting new ones and putting sysprot in My own safe files and as trusted application. Ive searched everywhere for rule blocking the program - haven`t found any.

XP SP2, Comodo 3.12 - Proactive, Defense - paranoid, Firewall - custom policy

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I have tried Sysprot om Win 7 RTM (not supported by the way) and cannot confirm the port scan lock up nor the excessive RAM usage.

It seems the problem is not in Comodo settings. I uninstalled Comodo and Port scan in Sysprot continued freezing. If the moderators find it necessary they can close this thread.

Locked as by user’s request. When you want it to be opened again please PM an online moderator.