Comodo 3.11 loading problem, severe!

Friends, I’m an experienced beta tester, I’ve XP SP 3 installed in my PC, and I’m using “only” Comodo FW 3.11 on it along with Microsoft Security Essential beta.

For the past two months I’m noticing bizarre problem with this FW. The problem is sometimes it doesn’t load properly in limited user account and some time in administrator account and sometime its icon ( full white icon) doesn’t appear in system tray. It only reappears in the system tray again when I click on the desktop shortcut of Comodo. I didn’t encounter this problem initially. I’ve been using for about 8 months or so. By loading problem I mean: It icons appears in “disable” form and in small frame in system tray rather than in full white icon form. When I do diagnostic “perhaps” (sorry I don’t clearly remember at this point in time what it says ) it says some of the features are disabled, click on this (?) to fix the problem. When I click fix nothing happens, it shows some error if I recall correctly. To stop this problem I tried using password protect for configuration. But it also didn’t help. I’m still using password protection though.

The problem gets fixed after a RESTART. This problem occurs only OCCASIONALLY not REGULARLY, remember. By occasionally I mean sometime thrice in a day, some time twice in two days or three days!.

The problem is severe b’coz if I don’t notice it and if it’s running in disable form and if some of the member of my family who is innocent in security related matter uses my PC for internet surfing thinking that FW is loaded and hence running (though it’s not) then in that case he might be vulnerable to hacking attempts and might be at risk! Its not abt only my family its aby every body. So that’s why it’s a serious problem and I’m worried. So this is my reason behing sharing this persistent problem with you folks. Pls fix it as soon as possible, I’m ready to assist you guys. Your online forum and support is one of the best.

Best of luck to Comodo


Hi Razer,

Do you windows eventlogs show anything on error, or a driver failing to load during system startup ?
like inspect / cmdagent /cmdguard etc ?

No. The event log is showing no such information. If u want I can upload text document of events log for ur scrutiny.

Well the “not loading of the GUI” is a know issue that has been happening before in combination with AV updates at startup the CFP.exe whould load but the Icon won’t show… looks like in some cases this is still an issue.

On the other there is something wrong, one of the drivers and or service has crashed and/or not started at system startup and they the icon will show the red-circle with one line in it. Please rerun diagnostics if that comes up again, and if it can’t fix please let it create a logfile.

No, moderator u r missing my larger point. The thing u r saying happens only RARELY.

My problem is totally different. I’m telling u abt the loading of icon in system tray in SMALL, DISABLE like form INSTEAD of NORMAL WHITE icon. Got ? Pls don’t take the offence of capital letters. Just righting in that way to clear the air, nothing else. Next time will attach screenshot of that icon so that u guys can understand what I’m talking abt.