comodo 3.10.102363.531 vs. KAV 2010

Hi Community,

only sometimes when KAV ( finished a update, comodo firefall (without antivir) shuts down. Can someone confirm this problem.


What do you mean with Comodo firewall shuts down?
Do you mean the icon in the systray disappears?
Or do you mean the cfp.exe process has disappeared from Task Manager?
Do you get an error or notification something has happened?

Try this.
Turn off ‘Proactive Defense’ in KAV 2010.
(CIS’s D+ is pretty much better than KAV2010’s proactive defense)
Somtimes it conflicts with ‘CIS D+’.
Because many functions of Proactive Defense do the same as CIS does.
(but KAV 2010 proactive defense’s abilities are tiny)

thanks for your replies.

i’ll check it next time, i don’t know if only symbol disappears from systray or cfp completly shuts down.
There was no error notification.

my d+ in cf is disabled, only KAV’s proactive is enabled, there can’t be any conflicts.