Comodo 3.0

Hello, I just wanted to know, I have version 2.4. and I heard there was a 3.0 but the updates say No updates.
Is there a new version, and should I be downloading the 3.0 or not? Thanks

If you want to use the latest firewall I think you may have to download it - I dont think 2.4 will update to it at the moment and a fresh install is usually the best bet with new versions.

What version of windows are you using - check before you download the new firewall as some operating systems are not supported yet and for these you would need to stick with 2.4 for now. The download page below lists requirements:

Also, note that version 3 is very different from version 2 in that it also includes a HIPS system called defense+ as well as the firewall part. I find the latest version is truly amazing.

Make sure you use a good registry cleaner (CCleaner is ok) after uninstalling 2.4 and before installing the new one.