COMODO 3.0 The REVENGE by MiguelAngelXP

Hi :

I reinstalled COMODO 3.0 into my machine and I want to say that is working fine, and I will share my seetings with the community.

1.- Network Defense : Train with Safe Mode

 Alert Settings       : All options with tickets
 Frequency Level   : Medium

2.- Defense+ : Train with Safe Mode

  Monitor Settings  -> Activities to Monitor   : All options with tickets except Windows Messages
  Monitor Settings  -> Objects to Monitor Against Modifications : All options without tickets 
 Monitor Settings  -> Objects to Monitor Against Direct Access : All options with tickets

3.- Miscellaneous → Settings → General : All options with tickets except Show the balloon messages

 Miscellaneous -> Settings -> Update  : All options with tickets except Automatically perform an   online lookup for the unrecognized files

4.- PING and TRACERT Working Fine
5.- LeakTest and PCFlankLeakTest : Passed
6.- Online Test : I have to test it, not done yet
7.- The rest of settings left default
8.- My Pending Files : I don’t know how to disable, I guess I’ll have to leave it and remove from time to time because it’s part of the D+ Train with Safe Mode

I hope it helps to the community

I’m really happy to be back with CPF version 3.0

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Pending Files is just a list of files that have been created on your disk during operations. A lot of them are not even still present. The Purge button is just to remove files that are no longer present from the list. You can then Lookup the remaining files - known files are then removed from the list. You can then look at the remainder and Remove any that you know and Submit any that you don’t know. Once that is done, you can just Remove all of them. This process will hopefully be automated in the future.

Thanks for the explanation, I knew already that those are files pending for authentification , I got one file that it isn’t in my system WINDOWS\system32\drivers\sbapifs.sys, well I did what you told me and I submitted, meanwhile I’ll keep those unknown files in My Pending List.

And today, the GUI didn’t load, a png file (don’t noticed it’s name located in C:\Documents and Settings<User Name>\Program Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles, it’s the first time since when I reinstalled and then the famous cfpres.dll file, somewhat the GUI isn’t able to load an image file and triggers the second error with the cpfres.dll, so I load the program manually and it works, but obvious that is a bug, and I’m not the first to experience it.

The rest work normally

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