Comodo 3.0 cant install live support

I have downloaded Comodo back up 3.017

When I click on the live support icon it says: ‘In order to help you, we need to install Live PC support, do you want to continue?’. After clicking yes it says downloading but gets stuck at 0%. my internet is working fine - I downloaded the Comodo back up file. If I shut the program down and try again it sometimes says ‘no internet connection’

I am running windows 7 64 bit. I have Microsoft Security essentials installed.

Please help!


Thank you for your message.
It is possible that your firewall (Windows Firewall if you haven’t installed another) is blocking Comodo Backup from accessing the Internet.
Please make sure you modify your firewall settings to allow Comodo Backup to connect to the Internet.

Until then you can download and install our live PC support software (GeeekBuddy) from: