Comodo crashed

Additional info:
Windows XP(sp3) ,x32,Avira Antivir
I closed Comodo to avoid popup alerts when I’m updating Avira Antivir. And this happened just a few minutes after Windows XP started.
Crash report is in the attachment. Thank you!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Your doing the wrong operation. You do not need to close Comodo in order to update Avira. You need to make Avira’s updater an updater/installer under D+. Also switch Avira to update every 2 hours. If you search the forum you will find I posted a picture of all the entries that need to be in D+. You should never have to shut down Comodo. I never do and actually you cannot just shut it down. cpf is just the gui where as cmdagent is the actually program which cannot be killed.

Thank you!
I think I won’t close Comodo again. (:SHY)