Comodo & Eset AV 3.0.657.0

I tried updating to version of Comodo but Eset informs me it has a variant od Win32/AdInstaller.
Has there been any reason why Comodo are trying to install what appears to be malware/adware?

(23/05/2008 07:29:44 Real-time file system protection file C:\Users—l\AppData\Local\Temp\s1.tmp a variant of Win32/AdInstaller application cleaned by deleting - quarantined. Event occurred on a new file created by the application: C:\Users—l\Downloads\CFP_Setup_3.0.23.364_XP_Vista_x32.exe.) (:SAD)

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This has already been discussed, it is a problem with ESET\Nod32 not with Comodo.
Comodo Firewall is not malware >.>

Is this the same issue? What pjb reported is the same as reported here. And I think that is related to the new toolbar (with the full CFP release, not upgrade) that is explained here by Melih.

Actually you may be right! Or it may be the same issue as the link i posted above ^ just detecting cpf.exe within the setup.exe - Whats the signature number your using PJB?.

PJB, Alternatively you can disable real time protection form Nod32 while you install CPF and add CPF into the exclusion list.

Some one might need to contact Eset & Kaspersky about this…


I linked these two because they’re both full versions of CFP (has the new CMF toolbar)… Kaspersky said AdTool (after install, I think) & NOD32 said AdInstaller (during the install). I believed the CFP.EXE detection was an “Unknown”.

I seem to remember another COMODO toolbar running into such… detections. 88)

Not sure about Kaspersky etc… But I know that Nod32 allows you to submit a suspicious file to their server, don’t know what their response times are. I should just create a account on Wilders lol. “Oh no! Now I will have to download another 10 on demand scanners just to fit in!”

Hi Kyle142, Not sure as to Signature number, I know it is the latest one.
I did submit the file to Eset this morning - so hopefully that will speed the resolution up.

I am not keen on applications wishing to unpack adware on my pc. I understand Comodo may wish to make some extra money, but I personally don’t believe doing it by installing toolbars, putting annoying popups on their webpage is the way ahead. If it’s free - It’s free.

Can anyone clarify if it gives you the option to install this toolbar during the install or if it is installed silently?

Yes, apparently, it does give you the option (there’s an EULA to agree to, at least).

Thanks for the info.