Comodo won´t save Foxitreader as save application


every time i try to open a pdf, some alarm pops up, asking whether FoxItreader is to be allowed or not. I chose “trusted application” & remember box is checked, but it will keep asking, even a couple of times. I use “paranoid mode”, but i think it´s still supposed to remember the choice. Is this a bug?

Edit: it´s strange that CFP is asking for FOXITR~1.exe, as if it couldn´t handle exe names with a blank in it. Is this the reason maybe?

Some alarm? Ned more info. I use Foxit reader all the time. I have ir rusted in my firewall rules and it is set to custom in D+ rules.

Your only using 3.0.17?? The latest version is 3.0.18… Updating to the latest it highly suggested.


yeah, i planned to install it. Isn´t there an update version? I´m not sure if i have to uninstall the old version firts & then install the new one, which would be not so nice.

Better off uninstalling the old version and reinstalling the new one. Be sure you clean up all left over files.