Comodo, and Mirc DCC ports.

I’ve just installed the latest version of Comodo.

And I went to firewall / my port sets.

And added the Mirc ports to it (59,113,my dcc ports, and 6660-6669).

And DCC looks like its working!

Is this where you’re meant to add Mirc/IRC ports??

If it isnt then WHERE do you add them??

Using Port Sets, just makes life a little easier when configuring firewall rules. You could do the same thing manually, directly in the firewall rule.

Hmm k, well just as long as its safe to add my mirc info there.

I tried to add them under Mirc under firewall / advanced. DCC didnt work.

Is that what you meant by firewall rules??

Where Mirc is?

Another prob I’m having is some of these files from Avast, like Avast setup, I know it’s safe, it ends up in under waiting for review. How do u move them somewhere else besides My safe files?

Lookup doesnt know what it is.

And what happens if I submit them?? Will they go out of waiting for review?

And under my port sets the DCC ports I use and 6660-6669 show as in.

Noone can get in this system, when theyre showing as in can they??