Comodo 27.0.4 - Tabs Discolored & Disfigured,Flash Missing.Browser Messed Up

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Intel HD graphics
Extensions : Adblock, PIG, Notepad

Occurrence: Was working fine till yesterday and Today this

Remedy: Uninstall


Hi and welcome Dawnz,
Have you tried with all 3rd party extensions and themes disabled in case of a conflict with the latest Dragon?

Thank you.

Thank you, and for your suggestion.

I did infact. But it showed the same behavior as in the screenshots. (Have no themes installed)

Just wanted to bring the error to the developer’s attention.

Hi Dawnz,
Thank you for posting this issue, I was just trying to determine what went wrong which might help.

I do suspect something may have became corrupt in the Dragon user profile during an update.

You could try the Portable version, this will eliminate any Dragon user profile issues.
Note: The Portable will not effect your installed version.
Portable Version

You could also create a new user profile without re-installing, but please note bookmarks, personal settings and preferences, etc will not automatically roll over to the new profile.
To create a new user profile in Comodo Dragon

I recommend backing up your bookmarks to a HTML file before hand, they can then be easily imported into the new profile.
Importing And Exporting Bookmarks
Of course trying any of the above is your choice.

Thanks again, your time is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much!

Will try the portable version henceforth.Makes sense and working well. Download link is handy.