Comodo 2.4 don't passed the leaktest


I am using Comodo as my Software Firewall.

So so,etime i do same Security Scans online now i have do a leaktest. Comodo don’t was able to protect me here are the result:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Shouldn’t have any problems passing this test, josy1982. However, just to be sure…

You have to deny the connection attempt at every prompt. Yes, this means you will lose the connection. But if you allow, you are allowing the test to succeed…

If you run multiple tests, you need to reboot in between.


this test-program is just a BIG fake. even with disconnected lan-cable this stupid program says “your firewall has failed the test”. OMFG!!! and with internet-connection and out-of-box configured comodo i get a message, that some malicious program wants to hijack the internet-explorer - click “deny” and no data is going to be sent (the ressult-page prooves this - there is an empty table)