Comodo 2.4 blocking ICMP outgoing

When I open Firefox browser Comodo logs ICMP outgoing port unreachable
The destination is my alternate dns address the reason is network control rule ID=5.

This happens when I open browser or switch websites in the same browser.

How do I correct this problem.


ICMP traffic is safe so you may create a rule allowing ICMP activity. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I have one rule which reads:

allow ICMP out,any source,any destination, where ICMP message is echo request.

Do I need another ICMP rule and if so what message should be applied.

Also under Monitor DNS queries the default is: Detect if an application uses Windows DNS service to make reclusive DNS request. Is this the correct setting.

Thanks for the reply

Port unreachable is another ICMP message, different from Echo Request/Reply. As for me, I’ve created a rule allowing all types of ICMP activity, incoming or outgoing. I can’t see any threat from it.

I hope that’s true. I myself have echo request in and out and destination unreachables allowed. What about icmp attacks for example?

Most of attacks from this page these are either obsolete (intended for non-patched OS) or doesn’t cover details if an attack can be applicable to my OS & network access type or not.