Comodo 2.4 and utorrent

Hey guys i have been using comodo for about 2 months and i know it’s a great firewall but it won’t work with utorrent. Yes i looked around this WHOLE forum yes i saw all the descusions. Yes i visited they have an ancient toturial with an old version of comodo. I’m just not able to open ports. I looked everywhere and i can’t find any up to date info. Please help me out. I realy need the help. (V)

  • Disable UPNP in uTorrent
  • Don’t randomize the incoming port each uTorrent starts
  • Create at least this basic network rule:
    Allow ~ TCP/UDP In ~ From Any source ~ To Any Destination/Zone/Your Computer ~ Where Destination Port is the assigned uTorrent incoming port

If that still fails, post a sample of your logs here.

Instead of starting a new topic I may as well continue here.

I have similar problem.

I have open a port for µtorrent in my router and it works perfectly without Comodo Firewall
But when Comodo Firewall is on the port is closed.

On torrent sites it shows me as not connectable.

How to correct this?

Hi and welcome, the irf.

That’s the application rule. Have you created a new network rule as well for uTorrent? See my previous post. I attached a small picture of my rule.

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No. First of all, the last part is truncated so I can’t see what you have there. From what I can see source port should be Any instead of a specific port because the direction is incoming (from the outside internet). The Destination Port is where you want to assign with whatever you use for uTorrent. Basically, from the internet to uTorrent.

Source Port: Any
Destination Port: uTorrent’s incoming port that you assigned it

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Glad it worked for you. Let’s just hope the same for Buggy.

ok guys i went on the torrent freak forums and a guy there showed me a port that worked. I put utorrent to that port and it worked great. Also when i disable comodo and use the win firwall there is a special area where u can go to open a SPECIFIC port is there anywhere in comodo where i can do this. I have done all that soybeener previesly said. I have had that done for a while.

Ok ok let me rephrase the question is there any port that is OPEN by default that i can direct utorrent to which doesn’t require any intervention on comodo’s part.

CFP default network rules do not have any incoming ports opened for TCP/UDP. That’s why it’s necessary to open an incoming port as per the previously posted network rule template. If you’re worried that you might have assigned uTorrent a commonly used port that other programs are “hogging” over, then it’s recommended to pick a high-numbered port such 30000 or higher.

Buggy, Do you have Win Firewall on with Comodo?

I think it’s best to disable and also disable the service.

I use nLite to remove certain windows components, incl. Win Firewall

I wonder about Terminal Services and MiniFilters.
Are both required by Comodo Firewall?

Have removed that to :smiley:

soyabeaner, good tip for you.
I think this is the best screenshot utility!

There is also WinSnap but it ain’t as good as FastStone Capture

I have Terminal Services (the xp service) disabled for years! It saves resource usage and makes my system more secure ;D. I don’t know what MiniFilters is because I’ve seen it, so that must mean it’s not required.

Thanks for the links, the irf, but I think the good old printscreen function from my keyboard and MS Paint is sufficient :smiley:

hehe man, I understand but you don’t this time.
FastStone Capture is the best tool

I have it set to automaticly save the area I print to a folder and that folder open directly after save!
Saves many clicks on the mouse :wink:

Anyway, these are my settings
I recommend this tool to everyone!

Btw, use png fromat for low colour pics next time.
less size and better quality, it’s lossless …