Comodo Blocks Autofill UserId and Pwd


After storing a userid and password for a internet explorer webpage form using the latest IBM/Lenovo Client Security Password Manager, Comodo prevents filling of the password textbox and prevents autosubmission (posting) of the form by Password Manager.

Shutting Comodo off fixes the problem. I also tried adding the exe’s and dll’s in the Client Security
program files folder to Comodo, but that didn’t help anything.

I am getting no behavior alerts from Comodo asking me about the form filling.

I also believe I see this behavior in Upek’s Protector Suite QL password software for Upek fingerprint sensors.

After extracting the contents of the Lenovo Installshield Client Security Executable to a Ms installer msi, then extracting that, using Uniextract (
I obtained a folder of Windows\System32 dll’s that the installer places in Windows\System32.

They are as follows:
01/30/2007 06:54 PM 1,447,488 cspcore.dll
01/30/2007 06:53 PM 800,320 cssuserdatadispatcher.dll
03/18/2003 09:20 PM 1,060,864 mfc71.dll
03/18/2003 09:12 PM 1,047,552 mfc71u.dll
03/18/2003 08:14 PM 499,712 msvcp71.dll
02/21/2003 04:42 AM 348,160 msvcr71.dll
01/30/2007 06:45 PM 665,152 tcsrpc.dll
01/30/2007 06:45 PM 386,624 tvttsp.dll
01/30/2007 06:46 PM 583,232 tvt_gina.dll
01/30/2007 06:46 PM 292,416 tvt_gina_api.dll

I added all of these (probably only on or two are needed, but no way to tell)
to the component list in Comodo.

Now the Password Manager auto fill-in of userid and pwd, appears to be normal.

So anyone with Thinkpads or Lenovo desktop PC’s that use their fingerprint reader with Lenovo’s Client Security Solutions’s Password Manager should be able to alter Comodo to allow the Password Manager to work.