comodo fails pc flank test [resolved]

The results of Stealth Test

We have sent following packets to TCP:1 port of your machine:

* TCP ping packet
* TCP NULL packet
* TCP FIN packet
* TCP XMAS packet
* UDP packet

Here is the description of possible results on each sent packet:
“Stealthed” - Means that your system (firewall) has successfuly passed the test by not responding to the packet we have sent to it.
“Non-stealthed” - Means that your system (firewall) responded to the packet we have sent to it. What is more important, is that it also means that your computer is visible to others on the Internet that can be potentially dangerous.

 Packet' type       Status   

TCP “ping” non-stealthed
TCP NULL stealthed
TCP FIN stealthed
TCP XMAS stealthed
UDP stealthed

is some rule to correct the failure?

How do you connect to the Internet?

Are you behind a router or do you directly connect to the Internet?

Are you using the default Comodo firewall-rules?

hi Bluesman!

I am using cablemoden connected to router which distributes Internet to my 2 computers.

Of course i m using the default firewall rules.

THx in advance.

If you are behind a router, PC Flank is testing the port status on your router, and not your Comodo Firewall.

Little more info in this thread:,4422.0.html

(:NRD) ok…i see! thx for helping this noob :wink:

c u a!

I will put resolved on the thread and lock it.