Comodo 10 'update' trashed Win7 PC

After having installed the ‘update’ to Comodo Firewall 10 it literally trashed my Win7 PC. I believe at this point I finally got most/all of Comodo Firewall 10 off my PC (hopefully) . It took me two days to get things back to some form of normalcy.

My question is considering all of the negative responses to the latest update has Comodo acknowledged the problem and have they finally addressed it with a fix/correction ??

Dell XPS
Win7 Home

Lost settings, Aero stopped, system restore did nothing, took two days to finally get CIS off my PC. And still believe there are some remnants left.

Just joined because my computer is almost useless. I cannot even open some programs.

I run VM machines on my PC and had to allow VMWARE so many times i almost gave up.

I chose trusted application, system application, even installer / updater yet its still asks me
whether to block or allow.

I have a search tool called MasterSeeker and it wont even run. No alerts from COMODO FW
it just does nothing.

What are the chances of getting back to where i was before and not having to set permissions
for all my software again?

I am having the same issue. Windows 7, Toshiba Satellite, AMD A8 Quad Core w/ onboard Radeon Graphics, 6GB DDR3 RAM.

Aero will not work anymore. Tried adding dwm.exe to exclusions list for “Detect shellcode injections” in Advanced Protection → Miscellaneous
Also added dwm.exe to File Rating → File List as “Trusted”

Did not help.

I use this machine as a dev box and this update has messed up a bunch of my development tools. I got Git Bash working again by applying the same thing I tried for dwm.exe to my Git Bash executables and setting git-bash.exe to run as administrator. Something I’ve never had to do before. Virtualization software is messed. And I’m just waiting to see what other problems crop up as a result of this update.

I unistalled CIS and everything went back to normal. Thought I might just try Comodo Firewall and have better luck but after I installed it and restarted my computer. The same problems came back.

Is Comodo aware of this problem? Is there a patch/hot-fix/update in the works to address this problem? I know other people are having these issues with this update as well. PLEASE FIX THIS!

Without details I am just assuming. Your Comodo on your system (Windows ?, ?-bit) does not work.

Have you read this (fixed all my 37 systems which have different Windows versions)

Make sure to get the right tool depending on your system and follow the guide

To get the latest update, go here and select the proper download (you will the different options when you scroll down

Let us know.

I posted same thing before. New Comodo version completely breaks Windows 7. It’s like they released 10 for Windows 10 and forgot that 7 existed.

After almost a whole day wasted trying to fix my PC and trying to uninstall Comodo (it wouldn’t let me access net so I couldn’t download Uninstall Tool), I finally managed to uninstall it enough in Safe Mode to get the net running and download Uninstaller Tool. Made sure I uninstalled everything.

Then went to a THIRD PARTY SITE (really, not safe but Comodo won’t allow you to download old Comodo versions) and downloaded Comodo Internet Security Installed it, everything back to normal.

If you are a Windows 7 user, stay away from new Comodo releases like they’re a plague for you.

While we’re at it, there is a reason why I kept Firewall installation on my PC, EXACTLY for such cases. I made the mistake of deleting installation files before I downloaded new Comodo, only to realize that they were ■■■■■■ online installers that refuse to let you download installer file. So I had to download AND install new version of Firewall FIVE TIMES on my slow net before I decided to just wipe it clean and go back to the previous download (which thankfully, you can download and keep installer for).

I had version 8.2 in a backup folder, previously it was 8.4 but i didnt look for a newer version
than 8.2

I followed the guide and tried the hotfix… Didn’t do anything to help the Aero issue. I ended doing the same as some of you here have, completely uninstalling 10 and downloading version 8.4 via CNET. Everything is back to normal.

This is pretty shoty job on the part of Comodo. Microsoft still supports Windows 7 so for any software developer/vendor to release something so flawed and not thoroughly tested for ALL operating systems it’s supposed to support is a bit irresponsible, especially when it comes to security software.

Has Comodo even bothered to addressed this ??

They release software that totally disregards and TRASHES Windows 7 and leave their users to deal with the problems and don’t even offer a fix.

No apology, no fix… No class.