Comodo 10 crashes Windows 10 insider preview 15014

In such unfortunate situation, Microsoft will have to deal with it. One would expect Microsoft to perform sufficient checks/validation for serious incompatibilities. It makes sense to me.

It might make sense but given that MS seem to take the view the third party software isn’t their problem and neither are problems when they change something and cause third party software to go wrong, I very much doubt they would even care.

Because security and anti virus software reaches so deep into the system, it is much more likely to be affected by Insider Preview changes than most software. As time goes on, the bugs will come and go with CIS and Windows 10 Insider Preview so that at some times, you can run it and sometimes you can’t. For me, CIS 8 seemed to run fine on the Insider Preview but CIS was stopped. If you want to be part of the Insider Preview program, you have to expect to sometimes be able to use CIS and sometimes not. No consolation but other security vendors get affected in the same way with other builds.

Now MS has released RTM…
Is CFW/CIS working with it?
I don’t want to have a big mess installing it.
Comodo, is your software ready for RTM?

And where did you get the “RTM” info from? It is only speculation 1703, build 15063 is RTM… Far too many bugs yet to be resolved… including install issues.

So far there’s no new releases or announcements…

Correct, build 15063 is NOT the RTM. We are close, however…


The public release may be April 11 or 18… but again, these dates are speculation.

Just wondering-- did you guys try to disable “Detect shellcode injections” option in HIPS Settings?

Is CFW working in latest insider build? I’ve left my pc with default FW because of the issues that arised since build 15014…

I did not check. Not a W10 user. I was trying to help find a workaround.

From a Comodo Staff member: