Comodo 10 crashes Windows 10 insider preview 15014

The installation of CIS10 works without a problem, but then you have to restart the PC. After that I get green screens with system errors and all I can do is delete CIS10. I would like to see that fixed. Whatever happens is unknown. But Windows 10 build 15014.1000 just doesn’t start with Comodo 10 installed, apart from the green screens and the possibility to start with a previous system restore point. This happens on two PC’s, so it must be a common thing.

And with the next public release of Windows coming soon, this needs to be resolved before Comodo is flooded with cries of Foul play. The Insider builds are what will be publicly released, Comodo needs to realize their importance.

It also crashes all Insider preview buids (via updates or a fresh install) after that… it’s a big problem

I have not been able to update since 15007 was installed.
That was 2 updates ago

Still crashes now in build 15025… Are they (Comodo) really working on a fix?

I hope so… all 15xxx builds are non workable with CIS installed.

Well they must hurry because this build is closer to final release…

You can skip the release until Comodo fix the problem 88)

What happens if MS release an update to non insider builds based on this version

What do you mean, What if?
MS is releasing the next iteration of Windows based on the current Insider release, which is now Build 15042, and with no Watermark present… most possibly the RC of the next release. Comodo needs to get in gear fast before millions of computers crash with CIS installed !!!

I have had no choice but to completely remove CIS from my system because of the Win10/CIS issues.
Currently, I am very hesitant to reinstall it until proven working happily together again. I miss my trusted security…

The build 15042 will be the base of the next stable release or the release per se, for insiders and non insiders. So I’m worried about the slow pace that Comodo has taken in regards of the issue. And it’s not a problem for insiders, it’s a problem for everyone who’s using CIS/CFW when MS rolls out this build. It’s been a month since the issue was reported… that’s not good.
I hope everything will be fixed in the short time or we’re be facing security problems.

If a new Windows build gets delivered generally and the problem is still there, helpdesks will be inundated with calls and many users will have systems that they won’t have the first clue about how to fix. However, I live in the hope that Microsoft will one day stop making changes which cause these types of issues.

it is only a matter of weeks now, possibly the first week of April, that the new Creators Edition of Windows will be released to the public.
That equates to millions of computers not working if Comodo does not resolve the issues NOW !!!

Something like April’s fools update?

Well, a user can delay the upgrade of Windows until Comodo makes a fix… but that’s just a workaround…

The average Windows user won’t know how to delay the installation and as Windows 10 mostly decides to do updates without the user even knowing its going to happen the more likely thing is that they will look at their machine and freak out and have no idea how to recover.

only cis is affected or also cfw?
at wilders security some people are using cfw 10 on the latest insider preview with no issue

I tried just installing Comodo Firewall 10 on the insider preview and had the same issue where all the fonts disappeared.

Comodo makes no claims that CIS is supported or is compatible with insider preview builds and due to the nature of how the preview builds work (it is essentially a beta OS not meant for use for production) it can’t be expected for comodo to constantly release updates for each preview build. If you experience this issue on a stable public Windows build, then it can be forwarded to Comodo for investigation. Also please use the required bug format. Thus moving this to incomplete issue reports. Thanks.

So, when MS release a formal update to Windows which has the same issue that is being observed with insider previews, CIS will work? If it doesn’t then how many CIS users will not have a clue where the problem has come from.

I don’t blame Comodo for the problem, I would lay the blame squarely with Microsoft but we all know that they won’t care.