Comodo 10 blocks ports (ex: 80) even if I allow it

I have a custom global rule that allows in and outgoing traffic on a set of ports. This used to work before. I think it stopped working with a recent update.


  • Portset for port 80 and 8080 (apache servers)
  • Global rule that allows traffic from any, to any IP with destination portset as configured above. The rule is positioned above the ‘block all’ rule at the end.

If I try to reach my server from an external IP (not on a home network) I get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

I’m pretty sure it’s comodo because when I disable the firewall it does work.

Just did a quick test. Even if I allow any traffic from any source to any destination with any port in/out it gets blocked. Wth?

Did you create similar allow incoming rule for apache server in applications rules? Is the server running inside a vm? Is there anything in the firewall event logs indicating connections being blocked?