Comodo 10 ( ipv6 issue: no downloads updates

cis 10 ( installed, on win7 (x64), ipv6 enabled on the net.

[ol]- you have to disable ipv6 on the host during install (install package timeout error), switching to ipv4 (disabling ipv6) and the installation go on and terminate successfully.

  • update process on cis abort every time (timeout error) over ipv6, you have to disable ipv6 to update to go on[/ol]

note: is resolved to: 2a02:1788:4fd::b2ff:5205
trying to reach this server via ipv6 80/443 port show no issue and also replies to icmp6,
so perhaps it’s a server side or local app issue.

EDIT: it seems that the issue is now resolved! :-TU

EDIT2: mmmh… again the same problem…

my opinion: is a server side issue (but only in ipv6)

Seems it’s an old problem, already known :

definitely (IMHO) it’s a server side issue.
A simple test using a browser:
ipv4: try to open , result: gets http 404 error (that’s ok!)
ipv6: try to open , result: none (timeout, no answer from the server)

no one using ipv6 here?

new episode ;D

workaround: change (in cis settings : Virus Database Updates → proxy_host_settings) from to
doing so cis can now download definitions updates on ipv6.

So… It seems even more clear to me, at the end, that is a Comodo server side issue…