Comodo 10.01 installation : issues with group policy and server connection

My PC is Windows 7 Home Premium with service pack 1

Since more than a month I have various problems:

At startup Windows is much slower. The reason is “waiting for group policy client”
Also problems with Outlook 2007 where sometimes opening a mail completely blocks Outlook (message “contacting server for information”

After spending all these weeks trying to find a solution I returned to an image made before the problems started.
The group policy issue was gone (the message about Group policies just showed in a flash)

With the image I was back on Comodo 8.
I then installed Comodo 10.
The group policy client issue is back!!!

I have no use for Comodo Dragon and certainly not for Geek Buddy. There is no possibility to install Comodo without them.
So I deleted both with Revo uninstaller.
When I look at the Windows Restore points I see that after installing CIS there also was an installation of Comodo Network service.
What is this?

Upon installation there was an option to connect to Comodo DNS servers.
This is checked by default.
I wonder if this caused my Outlook 2007 problem with connection to server. Maybe the Comodo server was out at that moment.

I would very much appreciate help with these issues.
At the moment I do not want to return to CIS 10