comode internet security - firewall doesn't work with 4 accounts

I have windows XP.
I can perfectly log in into windows xp, then i have 4 accounts to log in: 3 of my children and 1 of mine.
When I log in to my account , i have the green shield of comodo firewall. That’s OK.

But when I stay log in, and switch to another account of my children for example, there is a RED shield icon from comodo firewall so the firewall doesn’t work well. Other accounts have also the comodo firewall RED shield. (red symbol) . Only my account have a green comodo firewall shield icon. So the account only works on 1 account at the same time ? I have an option in the menu of Comodo firewall to solve the problem but when i restart the other accounts have still the red cross shield from comodo firewall in the statusbar.

i have also disabled Defense+ because I find it annoying the pop-ups. So why red cross red symbol on the comodo firewall shield on the statusbar and not in my account ?

Do I have to install CIS Firewall on each account then?
cfp.exe process is active on the accounts where the comodo icon shield had a red sign, so there is firewall protection??? And when I run the program Comodo Internet Security there is “all components are active and operational”. But why there is a red sign on the green shield ???

Sorry for my bad english. I can better understand than writing sorry. Who can help me.

Are the other accounts limited user accounts and you account an administrator account?

When that is the case make sure that all the executables in the Comodo installation folder are set to run as admin.