Comode Firewall Pro and wxMaxima

Dear Comodo Gurus,

Please have mercy of a newb. (:NRD) I need your help with running an application with Comodo Firewall Professional.

I use Windows XP and Comodo Firewall Pro 3. For study reasons I need to use a command line program called Maxima (a GNU computer algebra system). I am trying to use version 5-15-0 of Maxima.

I also use a GNU graphical interface called wxMaxima. This interface is supposed to pop-up and transmit the commands to Maxima, which runs in the background. In other words: it is a front-end for Maxima.

Ok. I launch wxMaxima and it runs fine. But it does not connect to Maxima; it tries to, but Comodo seems to be stopping it: in the Comodo’s summary screen, under Proactive Defense the line “The Defense+ has blocked COUNTER suspicious attempt(s) so far”, shows an increase in COUNTER everytime a try to start Maxima.

I tried adding Maxima and wxMaxima (and their entire paths) to Comodo’s My Own Safe Files list, but nothing happens. What can I do? (:SAD)

Dont add it to safe files. You need to open up Comodo and click on D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and make Maxima Trusted. If its not there then add it.

Man, oh man! :BNC

You’ve saved my sanity! I was about to run crazy, pulling my hair and wailing: just after posting, I noticed that my own software was being stopped as well…

Thanx. Now it’s working fine. (:CLP)