First let in tell you whole good your product is. I use to be a manger of a large network of over 4000 users. The use Novell Microsoft and Unix. During this time I collected a number of Virus’s of Viruii (to be correct), Trojan’s and Bot’s which are all kept on read only CD’. I tested Comoda on on a number of these, and the free version found a number more than a number of commercial scanners.

The one thing I would like is the ability to scan the PC, and then turn it off when finished.

The next day, if anything is found that could be requiring further investigating a warning is issued when you next start the PC so that you can check them.

Please keep up the good work and I have also recommended this program to a number of friends

Thank you,

Yes, Comodo is great! Since I switched to Comodo I have been much happier. It also used less RAM and CPU than my previous Anti-Virus did. It also has a better detection rate!

If you would like that feature adding, go add a post to the Wishlist board.

I’ve liked CIS too. But I’m not sure if these odd, one minute long freezes (my disk usage light is steadily on too in the freezes) that happen a few times a week are caused by CIS. It happened on Vista, and it happens after a reformat and installing Win7. Both had CIS installed.

I guess it doesn’t bother me much…it forces me to look away from my screen to rest my eyes. :stuck_out_tongue: But it could be awkward if it happened during a PowerPoint presentation or something.