Comoda FREE Firewall

Free? Rubbish.

May be the usual (ho hum, how UNoriginal) FREE download, but it gives you a certain time (30 dyas i believe) to register to continue using the ‘full’ version.

As with everything, nothing is free.

Misleading asvertising in my book!!

Those 30 days are for a trial period. You have to register and receive a product key to activate the product which then gives you the full version, which is free forever. I’ve been using CPF and a number of other Comodo products and they are free for home and some business use.


Lol, why people don’t read. They clearly state that you have to register key to activate. Though the key is active forever and can be re-used. No misleading anywhere.

Yeah, and then they miss out on such great (free) products.

Not Rubbish
Full version is the free version, no upsell no money!
Guess again, CPF is free!
Get a new book! Obviously that book is misleading you :wink:


This key cannot be re-used forever. After 2-3 weeks of the time that you have received it it will not work on a new installation. But this is not a problem because you can get a new key anytime you want. :smiley:


I’ve PM’d him to let him know that the activation code converts the license from trial to lifetime, but there is the chance that he’ll never return to read the post. If you have his email address on record, it might be an idea to follow him up, just in case he’s badmouthing Comodo elsewhere, based on his erroneous assumption.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Maybe he just don’t understands why:

  • the fw. have to compare(?) the code on the internet
  • there’s no “download & register & get activation code” option right at the download;
  • the update works and activation fails with error code;
  • why the activation pane hangs forever if couldn’t compare(?) the code with something on the Internet;

Still works for me I have used the same key for over 1 month whenever I had to reinstall CPF.


i replaced kerio with comodo ^^

thanks for the (FREE) firewall! (B) (WCF32)

IMHO Comodo outperforms the paid version of Kerio. I don’t understand why Comodo needs to have license keys for free products such as the Firewall, Antivirus, Backup, and iVault utilities but its not a big deal to tell them your name and your e-mail, I mean afterall they are free for life.



I got comodo thinking it would be good to get some extra protection for my brothers computer but all it did was mess it up. it takes now about 10minutes to start up when it used to take about 30 seconds. This is because “comodo anti-virus” keeps trying to install its self. It would not allow me to uninstall it so i went into safe mode to delete it. now every file of comodo is destroyed it still tries to install its self. Since i have had it, it will jam every time i log off or turn off.

So please do not get this product go for zonealarm etc.

p.s. does anyone here have any idea how i could help fix my computer? and would re-installing windows work?

Hi Lars,

Can you please provide us with the following information, and then we’ll see what we can do to get your PC running like it should (either with or without Comodo Personal Firewall):

  1. Version of Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF)
  2. The operating system and service pack level of the affected PC.
  3. Brief details of any assistance received so far from

Once we get these details, we’ll do our best to get things going.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Lars: Sorry you’re having trouble. Have you also checked out the FAQ portion of this site, where installation and un-installation issues are discussed and resolved?,894.0.html

The particular links are here:

Install and un-install issues and resolutions,302.0.html,873.0.html


thanks for the warning, but too late I am afraid! I have it installed and it functions beatufilly!
Obiviously there is some sort of a problem with your machine. So give us a good feedback so that we can fix it for you so that you can use your CAPITAL LETTERS FOR SAYING A BIG THANKS TO COMODO AFTER WE FIXED YOUR ISSUES! AFTER ALL WE ARE BUILDING THESE FIREWALL, AV ETC ALL FOR YOU!!! DON’T YOU EVER FORGET THAT!


I think Comodo’s one time registration is acceptable and reasonable compared to other softwares that require a yearly re-registration. I find this re-registration requirement as annoying.

I hope Comodo will not change their current policy of one time registration to yearly registration because its hard to find another firewall that is easy, effective and nice!

G’day Sky and welcome to the forums.

Comodo have undertaken to release a complete line of desktop security products that are now, and will always be, free. There is no plan to change this later, once you are captured as a loyal customer, there are no plans to create upgraded versions that you have to pay for.

Simple as that. FREE. For good.

The CEO of Comodo, Melih Abdulhayoglu, has gone on record in these forums stating that the desktop security products are free. Full stop. No conditions. No caveats. Melih has been open and upfront about his plan for a secured desktop. His logic is sound and his reasoning is both logical and ethical. Comodo desktop security products ARE the exception to the rule “You get what you pay for”.

Their goal is to create a trusted, secure desktop that will increase confidence in online transactions. This increased confidence will drive demand for secure e-commerce, which will lead to increased sales for Comodo’s High Assurance SSL Certificates.

If you like Comodo products, don’t just tell your friends - tell everybody. If they are working out for you, send an IM to “Melih” through these forums./ He’d love to hear how their products are helping you.

Again, welcome to the forums.

Hope all this helps.
Ewen :slight_smile:

Good day Ewen,

Thank you for your assurance and your comprehensive reply. Glad to hear from you that Comodo will maintain its current goal and policy.

Another thing that I hope will be maintained are the supports from you guys. Prompt, detailed and always helpful.

Thank you again for your reply and thank you Comodo for your great “Free (means Free) Products”!

After much heartache with zonealarm I removed it and installed comodo. So far no major problems, the computer works well and the forums are very helpful for dealing with any issues that arise.
Thanks for making this program available free of charge.

Glad to hear you like it :D. Be sure to come back often!