Comod firewall doesn't work with intel widi.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to point out this old post:

Anyway, for the past couple weeks, I also wasn’t able to get my widi adapter working (Belkin screencast). Turns out it’s something to do with the comodo firewall. Moreover, the ruleset that seemed to work for bornim in post #6 of the above referenced thread, “Allow UDP In from MAC Any to MAC Any Where Source Port is 68 and Target Port is 67,” didn’t seem to remediate the issue for me.

Seeing as windows firewall is good enough and I’m behind a router, I simply have downgraded to the antivirus product.

Now, the above being said, I feel like it would be a good investment on Comodos part to get a cheap widi device and capable laptop if enough other people confirm this issue. Personally, this issue is occurring between.

Oh, just for the record, I’m running windows 7x64, SP1.
The widi firmware version I’m running is
Proset wireless driver version is 16.6.0
Intel HD graphics driver version is

This is all happening on a Lenovo Y580 with the end-support drivers from lenovos website.

Although, this issue should be replicable on any system as the other users post from a year ago would have been well before any of the drivers I’m using were released, and the issue itself is fundamentally with how widi adapters are issued a network address from the host machine they stream content from.

TL;DR - this issue should be prevalent with comodo firewall with any widi adapter & compatible computer/driver/firmware combo.

Sorry about not following the bug report template & whatnot, but I don’t really care for my own self if this ever gets fixed. I just think it’s worth looking into for people who might see that it’s an issue with comodo and simply switch to another product altogether. (I.e. avast who doesn’t even have a free firewall, thus doesn’t suffer this issue).

I think it’s likely that this can be solved by configuring the Firewall properly. I will thus move this to the HELP section of the forum.

However, if this does turn out to definitely be a bug, be aware that I cannot forward this to the devs without it being in the proper format. Thus, if this does need to be moved back for bug processing, please edit the first post so that it is in the bug reporting format.

Thank you.