Comod DNS a very unreliable DNS

I have been experiencing internet downtime today, it is only a five or ten seconds downtime every hour, but this is very annoying when you happen to be downloading a huge file which download can not be resumed.

I queried Windows about the problem, Network Settings, and it indicates this is a DNS problem, it even gives me the DNS IP that can not connect to, I wonder if anyone is experiencing this, if downtime happens that often I will certainly switch back to my own ISP DNS, there is no point using Comodo DNS unless it is going to be reliable.

Did you connection frequently drop while you were downloading something?

Yes that is the case, it seems to work fine otherwise.

Guess not as DNS cannot possibly be the cause of frequent drops while something is being downloaded.

DNS would be only needed before starting the download of those not be resumable files.

Well, I am not a network wizard, but I do know something, I never experienced such problems while I was using my ISP own DNS, strange coincidence.

Run a test then. Use the ISP DNS servers for a few days to verify your connection while downloading. I am not experiencing this issue (but I can only speak for my own system). It might be one of the connections between you and the DNS servers or the site you are DL from.

Can you describe in more detail what happens during that down time? How do the various programs behave that are online at the time?

Can you also post a screenshot of the Firewall logs of around the time your connection breaks down? The logs can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.

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Thats too bad, but DNS is like a phonebook

so once the number is dialed (step 3) if the call drops during a conversation the phonebook is unrelated to the call drop even if a new phonebook was used…

Thank you for help everyone, I really had to download those files and I have switched back to my ISP own DNS, everything downloads fine now.

You may say that is not a DNS problem, that is something else, whatever, all I know it does not work for me using Comodo DNS and it works fine using my ISP own DNS. Unfortunately I do not have the time for further troubleshooting, etc…

I opened the thread it in case someone else was experiencing the same issue and I see this is a unique happening in my computer, being that the case I will even accept that was something else, all I know is that I am happy my internet went back to normal.

Glad you downloads do not drop before completion anymore. If you experience the same issue again while using your ISP DNS please consider to open a new topic.

Preferably ask an online moderator to reopen this topic in case the problem resurfaces.

Reopened on request.

I have now discovered the problem and it is a Windows Vista bug, nothing to do with Comodo DNS servers, sorry about that.

In case anyone else is experiencing the same problem, the bug is called “TCP Windows Scaling” and it comes enabled by default in Windows Vista, what this is used for, I don’t know, but with certain type of routers it will disconnect you from the Internet intermittently.

I don’t think Microsoft is going to fix the problem, maybe Windows Vista Pack 3, also known as Windows 7, will have it fixed, not sure, meanwhile the link below explains how to do it manually: