Comod and ESET Antivirus 10 (Nod32)

I have both Comodo Firewall 10 and ESET Antivirus 10 (Nod32) installed on Windows 10 Anniversary 64bit addition. In ESET 10 they started protecting the ESET service (erkn.exe). If I leave the service protected then it does not start on windows startup (it times out - even though I have set the timeout as high as 120000 milliseconds) but I can manually start it up after windows comes up. If I turn off the protection on the ESET service then everything comes up normally. How can I configure Comodo to let the ESET service come up in protected mode as it should?

You really shouldn’t run two AV/Firewall technologies at the same time, outside of Windows Defender/Firewall + some other.

And that is not my intent. I am only want to use Comodo for the firewall and ESET is for AV. That is how I have installed both. I purposely am not installing CIS (though I suspect that some of the function of CIS gets installed whether I want it to or not, even when just installing the Firewall). I don’t like to use suites as there is always some compromise on a function. I like to use best of breed for function.

Anyway, regardless as to how I want to use my system, I find it fascinating that no one can tell me how to configure Comodo to ignore a protected service on startup. Is there no configuration setting that will allow me to do as I want to?

Issue is a bit unclear. Try HIPS Settings > Detect shellcode injections > Exclusions > Add mentioned application.

windstorm, Thank you very much. That seem to have fixed the problem. I added both ekrn.exe and egui.exe to the exclude list, proteceted the ESET service in ESET and now it comes up on start protected.

This is the type of support that I come to expect from forums. Thank you again on you quick response.

BTW I will pass this on to the ESET forums for others that are having this problem

Hello eveybody,

with the new version of COMODO FIREWALL the “Detect shellcode injections” disapear!!! So I can’t add ekrn.exe and egui.exe to the exclude list! :frowning:

Where I can find it?

Thanks for your help.

Win 10 Anniversary update
AV: Eset nod32 10.0.390.0
Comodo Free Firewall

Its located under advanced protection > miscellaneous.

[b]aaaah Thank You very very much !!